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Welcome to Fertility Yoga’s Global Village. A growing list of resources related to yoga and to fertility throughout the U.S. and Europe.

Infertility Non-Profit Agencies:

O R G A N I Z A T I O N :

The National Infertility Association, with its nationwide network of chapters, was established in 1974. They are a dynamic organization dedicated to providing education, advocacy, and support for men and women facing the crisis of infertility.

RESOLVE Of The Baystate
Massachusetts chapter of RESOLVE

O R G A N I Z A T I O N :
American Fertility Association (AFA)

The American Fertility Association is a national organization dedicated to educating, supporting and advocating for men and women concerned with reproductive health, fertility preservation, infertility and all forms of family building.

O R G A N I Z A T I O N :
Australia's National Infertility Network is a consumer based, independent, non profit organization committed to being a national voice in promoting the well-being and welfare of infertile people of all ages, through representation in the general community and in the medical, scientific and political arenas.

O R G A N I Z A T I O N :

The Electronic Infertility Network is a non profit organization, providing information about infertility and the work of infertility support associations, within Europe and the rest of the world.


Online fertility resources, products and services:

W E B S I T E :

Infertility Blues
An excellent resource designed to provide you with the latest fertility news and research. This website contains carefully selected articles, books, and general items that are of special interest for those dealing with infertility issues and who want to know more about mind/body techniques.

W E B S I T E :

Conceiving Concepts, Inc.
Conceiving Concepts, Inc. is a premiere fertility products and services company and a proud advocate of those struggling with fertility problems.


Fertility Yoga Classes, Programs, & Workshops by geography


C L A S S E S / W O R K S H O P S :
Lynn Jensen, certified yoga instructor
Fertility Yoga Classes & Workshops
Lynn Jensen offers Yoga for Fertility classes, workshops and private instruction in the Seattle/Bellevue, Washington area. Classes are designed for women or couples who are currently trying to conceive, either naturally or through assisted reproductive treatment programs. Yoga for Fertility helps to enhance fertility through specific yoga poses, stress-reduction techniques and relaxation practices.
Lynn is a certified yoga instructor who has been teaching in Seattle for 7 years. She draws from her 20+ years of yoga practice, her extensive study of yoga and its effects, and her personal experience with fertility challenges. Lynn teaches ongoing weekly classes in both Bellevue and Seattle, and offers frequent half-day workshops as well as private instruction. She also teaches Yoga for Fertility as part of the Mind/Body classes at Virginia Mason Fertility and Endocrine Center.



W O R K S H O P S :
Sweetpea’s Yoga Studio
3717 N. Ravenswood, Suite 213;
Chicago, IL 60613
Fertility Yoga Workshops: An experiential workshop for women trying to conceive. It is an afternoon of inspiration, peace, clarity and connection. Reconnect with your body through awareness, centering and relaxation. Explore the healing power of the mind/body connection and how it impacts your fertility. Learn ways to cope with the emotions and rigors of your journey. Gather in community to create hope and support as you travel the road to becoming a mother.

P R O G R A M :
Pulling Down the Moon

A Center for Holistic Healing & Fertility
800 W. Huron, 4th Floor
Chicago, IL 60622
Fertility Yoga Program:
Yoga for Fertility is a six-week program designed to help you, the individual or couple desiring a child, create a physical yoga, breathing, and meditation practice you can use to enhance your medical fertility treatment or chances of conception. The program is unlike other yoga class, because the postures, breath work, and class exercises and discussions are all specifically designed to support fertility in both women and men.

Beyond a regular yoga practice, Yoga for Fertility at Pulling Down the Moon™ teaches you the tools and techniques for coping with the stresses and emotional ups and downs you experience on your journey to have a child. You will learn techniques for turning off the fight or flight mechanism in the body and turning on the relaxation response, enhancing your sense of contentment.


New Jersey

C L A S S E S :
Atlantic Mind/Body Center
95 Mount Kemble Ave
Morristown, NJ
Fertility Yoga Classes
Led by a certified yoga instructor on behalf of Morristown Memorial Hospital, these Tuesday evening classes will demonstrate poses that relax the mind and increase blood flow to the pelvis, as well as using mind-body techniques to reduce stress and enhance fertility. Cost is $100 for eight classes, held from 7:30 to 8:45 p.m.



P R O G R A M :
Harmony Yoga Ireland
26 Broadford Walk
Dublin 16
Lyn Hagin Meade
Fertility Yoga Program: Preparing for Pregnancy with Yoga.
This yoga program is designed for women and men who are experiencing difficulties in conceiving or who are undergoing medical treatment for infertility. From a yoga perspective conception occurs when a woman is in a state of receptivity. The body and mind are more receptive if the body chemistry is well balanced and the woman feels relaxed. This yoga program helps a woman become more receptive for conception and pregnancy.


Other Yoga Resources

C L O T H I N G / S T U D I O :

Downward Dog Yoga Clothes & Studio
Pacifica, CA


C L A S S E S :
EssentialYoga Studio
Andover, MA
essentialyoga website
Hands-on Iyengar general yoga classes. Iyengar yoga has helped practitioners of all levels achieve perfection in any pose. Classes are kept small to ensure proper alignment and to provide individual instruction.


C L A S S E S :
Full Circle Yoga
Winter Park/Orlando, FL
Classes serve beginners through advanced students, including special classes for pregnant women and new mothers. Classes are offered every day of the week Basic and intermediate hatha yoga and a full complement of Ashtanga Yoga classes.




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