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Fertility Yoga offers consultation to women and couples in the Greater Boston area who seek to holistically support and enhance their journey toward parenthood.

How to Holistically Embrace Your Fertility
A private consultation with Monica Morell, PhD

Whether you're just getting started on your fertility journey, or have been experiencing difficulty over time, I have a program that will fit your needs. My fertility consultation consists of a single, 2 1/2-hour, mind/body session which includes a private yoga session & discussion resulting in a customized Fertility Management Plan that will enhance your current life choices. Consultation sessions are private and are available for singles or for couples.

Areas included in the discussion are:

  • an examination of some of the psychological and physical obstacles you face.
  • career and family: building balance
  • benefits of the Fertility Yoga sequence
  • holistic and nutritional counseling
  • challenging cognitive distortions

In addition to your personalized Fertility Management Plan (FMP), you will also receive:

  • one hour of private fertility yoga instruction
  • a complementary video, Fertility Yoga with Monica Morell, PhD for home practice
  • a complementary copy of the book, Conquering Your Infertility, by Alice Domar

Additional services include

  • a 30-minute tour of Wild Oats Store where you will have a hands-on consult about various herbs/vitamins & foods that have been known to help with fertility
  • follow-up fertility consultations
  • private or group Fertility Yoga sessions

For more information or to set up an appointment time, contact us.


Net and Telephone Consultation Sessions

Fertility Consultation sessions are available via telephone, Instant Messenger and Email. Let’s get you the balance you seek and the power you always had to help yourself on your journey toward parenthood. As someone who has traveled that road, I can help you make your way with fewer bumps in the road.

Telephone & Instant Messenger:
Contact me to set up a time where we can “meet”. When you contact me, please make sure that you state time zone as well.

Email consultations: Email consultations offer you the opportunity for your question to be thought through and detailed. You can have either a one time question-answer email consult or you may purchase a package of emails based on your need. There are guidelines for submitting questions.

For all Net and Telephone Consultations, I will email you an intake form, which you will need to complete and return to me before the consultation. This will help maximize use of consultation time.

Remember, it takes a village to have a child these days.




Fertility Yoga was so helpful to me because it gave me an opportunity to nurture my inner self and do something relaxing during a very stressful time in my life.. - Kerry

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